Lessee. Whoopi Goldberg? Or Bibi Netanyahu?


It’s a matter of priorities, doncha know?


President Obama’s schedule was too full, the other day, to allow him to meet with any of the world leaders gathered for this year’s opening of the United Nations General Assembly, and he was certainly far too busy to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


That’s probably because, right now, things are going so very well internationally.


China didn’t just launch its first aircraft carrier, a few days after ramping up a territorial dispute with Japan.  The Asad regime in Syria has been doing beautifully.  Iran has abandoned even its peaceful nuclear power program.  The Greek and Spanish economies are booming.  Vladimir Putin’s Russia has surrendered its ambitions and settled back into an agenda of free and peaceful foreign trade.  American embassies throughout the Muslim world have sent their Marine guards home, having no further need of them.  American prestige and power across the globe have never been greater.


So, on a day that he could have squandered on silly meetings with irrelevant heads of state, President Obama took time to face the fearless investigative reporting and hard questions of the ladies on The View.  (“What’s your favorite color?”  “If you were a tree, what kind of a tree would you be?”  “Do you like chocolate cake?”)  Our leader could have gone golfing, instead.  But he keeps his nose to the grindstone.  For us.  And for the children.


No green fees here.



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