Meridian Magazine Article on “Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture”


A beautiful theory
lacking any and all rootedness in reality
(with apologies to Mr. Salvador Dali)


I was asked by Maureen Proctor at Meridian to do a short article giving the background to the founding of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.  It has finally appeared, here.


I’m told, by the way, that some of my critics have seen great significance in the initials (MI) of our new project, Mormon Interpreter.  This, they say, expresses my seething resentment toward the Maxwell Institute (or something like that), and constitutes a not so subtle jab at the original “MI.”


Their claim would be more persuasive, I suspect, if the name of the new publication were actually Mormon Interpreter.  But it isn’t.  The new publication is called Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, and its initials are, consequently, IJMS, or perhaps IAJOMS, but definitely not MI.




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  • David Kent

    Hmm. Now why would your detractors ever let reality stand in the way of their snarkiness?

    • danpeterson

      They haven’t yet, and I’ve given up expecting some of them, at least, to be fair or just or even minimally reasonable.