The Reality, Not the Image Crafted Carefully by His Critics

Mitt Romney, stone-cold heart

  Here's an absolutely great new Facebook page from Patrice Pederson: "Get to Know Mitt" is trying to offer a look at the real Mitt Romney, not the unlikable cold-hearted elitist created by the Obama campaign and its surrogates in the mainstream media. Please take a look, and please "like" it and share it. The thing that's keeping Barack Obama in the race despite his miserable … [Read more...]

Clint Eastwood and a Venerable Tradition

Thanks to Stan Barker for bringing this to my notice.

    … [Read more...]

“Scripture Roundtable” on 3 Nephi 8-11, from The Interpreter Foundation

The pivotal portion of the Book of Mormon

 The Interpreter Foundation has added another "roundtable" discussion of Latter-day Saint scripture to its website --  a conversation about 3 Nephi 8-11 between Bill Hamblin (Utah), Brant Gardner (New Mexico), Ben McGuire (Michigan), and Andrew Smith (California), with Bryce Haymond (Utah) doing double duty as both technical guru and discussion participant. It has been posted on the Interpreter website, … [Read more...]

Harry Reid and Mitt Romney, Aspiring Latter-day Saints

From left to right:  Elder Neal A. Maxwell, then of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; Marwan Muashar, then ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United States; Senator and Mrs. Harry Reid; Elder Merrill J. Bateman of the Seventy, then president of Brigham Young University; the Rev. Jubilation T. Cornpone, interloper.  The occasion is a dinner in honor of Brigham Young University's Middle Eastern Texts Initiative, conceived and founded by Rev. Cornpone.

 Senator Harry Reid has recently announced that Mitt Romney has "sullied" the Mormon faith (which Senator Reid and Governor Romney share), and that Mr. Romney is "not the face of Mormonism."  He may have picked that "not the face of Mormonism" language up from Gregory Prince, another Mormon who, using that very phrase, has expressed strong public disagreement with some of Mr. Romney's political positions. I would like to point out that neither Senator Reid nor Mr. Prince is … [Read more...]

“Apostle ‘Idea’ Growing in Popularity among Other Faiths”

Jesus calls some of his apostles on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.

  In the wake of recent inner-Maxwell-Institute politics (and, sometimes, partially because I've sharply decreased my involvement with message boards over the past year and a half or so), a few critics have claimed that I've been altogether silenced.  And a few of those claim, quite falsely, that I was silenced at the direct order of the leaders of my church. Well, I haven't been silenced at all.  Not even close. And one evidence of that is my c … [Read more...]

Chasin’ Echoes?

A dramatic recreation of the actual moment when the Stalker was identified.  (If he was.)

  I'm told that the person I've termed my "Malevolent Stalker" -- an obsessive, odious, and anonymous critic who, for (I dunno) roughly five years or more, has been defaming and caricaturing me on a basically agnostic/atheist/ex-Mormon message board -- has been identified.  (A few of you will know very well what I'm talking about.  The rest . . . well, consider yourselves lucky.) I don't know whether it's true.  While he's been more than willing to ladle out th … [Read more...]

The Security of the United States is an American President’s First and Most Important Responsibility. Or Maybe Not. Fore!

At least it's not "The View"

  This item has been around for a while: However, in view of my previous post, I thought it might be worth bringing up on this blog. And, in that context, here's a relevant item from way back on 14 June:    … [Read more...]

Lessee. Whoopi Goldberg? Or Bibi Netanyahu?

It's a matter of priorities, doncha know?

  President Obama's schedule was too full, the other day, to allow him to meet with any of the world leaders gathered for this year's opening of the United Nations General Assembly, and he was certainly far too busy to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That's probably because, right now, things are going so very well internationally. China didn't just launch its first aircraft carrier, a few days after ramping up a territorial … [Read more...]