“Romney Needs a Turnaround Artist”


The Republican nominee
for President of the United States


It’s possible that Mitt Romney will win the presidential election if things continue to go along as they have been.  The race is tight, and some polls sometimes show him in the lead.


Maybe he’ll be elected.


But there’s absolutely no reason that Barack Obama should even still be in the race.  Not with this economy.  Not with the various foreign catastrophes looming on the horizon.


The Romney campaign needs to wake up.


This is one of many recent articles on that theme from concerned conservatives:




I’m concerned, too.


Mr. Romney owes it to America to win.  He owes it to his supporters and contributors.  This election is too important to be frittered away through hyper cautiousness or groundless overconfidence.



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  • Dr. Harry Merl

    Have Your seen or heard yestterdays performance of Romney?
    This will reflect on the Church.
    By the way it was the Bush era that created that economic situation and the reckless speculations of banks.
    Obama had the task to clean up as good as possible despite constand opposition by the conservatives and will still have to go on if he will be elected.
    Romney needs a turnaround in his mind.

    • danpeterson

      Harry, plainly we disagree on some political and economic matters. I’m a conservative, with a strong inclination toward libertarianism. (I’m fond of such Austrian economists as Friedrich von Hayek, Wilhelm Röpke, and Ludwig von Mises.) That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t both be faithful members of the Church.

  • Dr. Harry Merl

    That is true. We will remain fathful members.
    Romneys statements,however, contradict the teachings of the Lord. He sid we should care for then poor and the needy. How can he denounce them as moochers. Why is he shying away to stand up for the principles he surely has been taught in Primary.
    And how can he forget those weathy people who don’t pay taxes either.
    I am a coservative as far as values are concerned a nd the Church teaches these values. How could Romney forget our duty out duty to share with the poor if we have got wealthy.
    His stance will reflect on the Church and cast doubt on our sincerity as members.

    • danpeterson

      It’s entirely possible to believe strongly in taking care of the poor while disagreeing with government policies regarding the poor.

      I do.

  • Clinton King

    I hate to admit this, but I haven’t paid federal income taxes since I got married, and my family qualifies for WIC. *I* feel like a moocher. I am sympathetic to Mr Romney’s point. I feel like he was speaking hard truths when he said what he said.