“Scripture Roundtable” on 3 Nephi 1-7 (on YouTube)



The Interpreter Foundation continues to open up new venues for the discussion of Latter-day Saint scripture.  The latest is a roughly 55-minute conversation about 3 Nephi 1-7 between Bill Hamblin, Brant Gardner, Ben McGuire, and yours truly, with Bryce Haymond as the technical guru.


It can be watched at either








Ideally, we hope to be able to produce these “Roundtable” discussions roughly once a week, though time will tell whether we can actually achieve and maintain that pace.  And we intend to produce them with a varying cast, so that different faithful voices and approaches are featured.


The technology that allows such discussions (between people, in tonight’s case, scattered across Utah Valley as well as New Mexico and northern Michigan) is relatively new, and it’s wonderful.  Of course, because it’s relatively new we also had a few glitches (most of which, I think, had been settled before the recorded portion actually begins) and we’re going to be continually learning how to use it more effectively and how to incorporate additional useful features.  But this, I think, represents a solid start.


I’m grateful to all who were involved.  I hope that our audience will find it valuable.



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  • ellesar

    Good discussion. I noticed something I thought would be discussed more, since I noticed a difference between Hamblin’s understanding of 3 Nephi 3 and my understanding of events.
    Hamblin mentioned that they all gathered within 1 month (v8). I’ve always understood that it took a year or more (v22). Hamblin’s argument thus doesn’t seem strong. I still don’t think a year is enough time to span all of North America or even all of current Mexico. I picture lots of negotiation (v23-24), coercing(convincing people to move is rarely easy), building (v25), arming(v26) and gathering (v22) {people, livestock, food}. I figure when Giddianhi sent his letter, he was bluffing on his timeline, or Gidgiddoni was successful in delaying the robber’s plans.