“The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”


The now famous papyrus referring to Jesus’s “wife”


There’s more to the new Intepreter Foundation than its journal.  And there’s still much more to come.


There is, for example, Interpreter’s blog and its news listings.  One of the latest entries is something about the suddenly famous “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”:




And, while on that topic, I’ll mention that I just concluded an interview regarding the little papyrus fragment and its implications with KSL-TV, Salt Lake City’s NBC affiliate.


I meant to ask when it would appear, but didn’t.  I’m guessing that it will be on the evening news and/or the late night news tonight, or maybe tomorrow.  But who knows?


And, still in that context, I recall the stale old joke about the scholarly Catholic priest who, after getting a good look at a newly discovered and very ancient New Testament manuscript, emerges appearing very sad and depressed.  When asked why, he responds:  “It was supposed to read celebrate, not celibate!”



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