The Lift Provided with Hot Air



Incidentally, last night was the second time this year I’ve been trapped in a hot and crowded elevator.  The previous time was near the end of April, in Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee.  Fortunately, it lasted for only a minute or two before help pitched in and got us out.


This time was a bit more dramatic.  The whole hotel staff, it seems, was working on the problem.  When we finally were able to crawl out between floors, the manager of the hotel was there, very anxious, and so were lots of others, including one of the hotel chefs.  They offered us free drinks — a real attraction for Mormons — and took us out on the panoramic balcony for fresh air, but we needed to get down to the hotel meeting room for my lecture on Justinian and Theodora (after a few minutes of which some were probably yearning for the packed, hot-air filled elevator).


Posted from Istanbul.

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