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Do you want REAL hope and change?


It’s commonplace for partisans on my side of the political spectrum (and perhaps on the other) to describe any approaching presidential election as “perhaps the most important of our lifetime,” or something of that sort.


I’m quite aware of the natural human tendency toward hyperbole, especially in political and certain other matters that we mortals really care about.


That said, I do think that this is a really, really crucial election, and that it truly is, perhaps, the most important of my lifetime.


America, in my judgment, is headed for bankruptcy.  Our credit rating has fallen.  Joblessness continues high.  Many have stopped even looking for work.  We may be on the verge of a double-dip recession.  Our spending is out of control.  Our entitlement expenditures will soon dwarf our capacity to meet them.


We’re well down the path toward Greece.


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But there won’t be a Germany big enough to bail us out when we go under.  Our society will be placed under stresses and strains that we haven’t seen since the Great Depression.


And that’s just one of the problems facing us; I’ve said nothing about unrest and challenges in the Middle East, the rise of a more assertive and militarily powerful China, threats to religious liberty, a health care system facing potential crisis, and many other burning issues.   Yet, at this crucial time, we’re led by a president who’s simply out of his depth, and who is, at any rate, ideologically unequipped to fix what needs to be fixed rather than to do further grievous damage.


This is a serious time.


Political though I am, I’ve never donated to a presidential campaign prior to this one.  But I’m donating to the Romney-Ryan campaign.  Trite though it may sound, I really don’t want to bequeath an America to my sons and my eventual grandchildren that is poorer, more insecure, and less free than the one I inherited from my parents.


If you’re a Romney-Ryan supporter and haven’t yet contributed to their campaign, please seriously consider doing so.  Even if it’s just a small amount.  If you’ve already contributed, please give some thought to doing so again.  Even five or ten dollars.  You can do that.


Do it now.  Tomorrow is the end of the third quarter.  And there’s only slightly more than a month left before this vital election.


Here’s how to do it:




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  • Rodney Ross

    I agree with everything you say about the upcoming election, but I am not optimistic. Here’ hoping the debates will turn things.

    • danpeterson

      We can hope.

      But we can also work and contribute. We shouldn’t give up now. It’s not over.

      • Scott Pierson

        As a Romney delegate at the local county convention, I am all in for Romney. I made a donation yesterday, and on Saturday manned a phone line for a major blitz.

        It is far from over. I remain suspicious of the polls, and Ohio’s current dynamic wherein Repubs are outpacing Dems in absentee mail-in ballots seems to justify that suspicion. This is especially counter-intuitive to the polls when we realize that it was Obama that won the main-in vote 4 years ago, but lost the vote cast on election day. The polls ARE oversampling dems, I am convinced of it.

  • Margaret Dansie

    Amen! I’m older than you, and I’ve donated 3 times so far (first time I’ve ever donated to a political campaign) and their sign is in our front yard. The stakes are high, and our future in question.