“Try to Imagine Why Others Believe What They Believe”


Today’s offering in the Deseret News:




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  • http://sageandstarshine.wordpress.com Daniel Grey

    Dr. Peterson,
    Very interesting food for thought, and good reminders for all of us navigating the sometimes tempestuous waters between different religions, politics, and ideologies. You bring up a very good point when it comes to dehumanizing others by questioning their intelligence based solely on the content of their religious beliefs. In the end, I try to look less at *what* people actually believe and more on *how* it gets them to live and interact with others. Even so, it can be difficult not to fall into the trap of othering those who think differently from me when those beliefs lead to behaviors that seem anathema to my own.

    As someone who has converted away from my childhood religion, I find myself in the interesting place of empathizing with others around me and understanding their decisions (even if I now live a lifestyle many of them would find confusing, if not downright abhorrent), and also battling with idea of “If only they understood what I was able to!” I value my right and dignity to pursue my own religious expression, but it can be difficult when in communication with others whose personal beliefs are especially adamant that I, and anyone else who disagrees, is *wrong*.

    I wonder how varied the responses to this article would be coming from folks in a religiously privileged position (different in different parts of America, but usually Christian to some degree – and around my neck of the woods, very evangelical and conservative Baptists and Pentacostals) versus those of minority faiths (or in atheists’ cases, minority faith positions).

    Thanks for all the thoughts!