YouTube Videos of the “Temple on Mount Zion” Conference


The newest temple
of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints


On this day of of the dedication of the Brigham City Utah Temple, it seems appropriate to mention that YouTube videos of the presentations at Saturday’s “Temple on Mount Zion” conference are now available on line:


The conference was a pleasant — and appropriate — lead-in to today’s dedication.


My understanding, too, is that there were online viewers in such far-flung places as Norway, Nicaragua, and England.


“With this program and the other ventures that have already been launched,” one Latter-day Saint journalist who watched the proceedings remarked on a message board yesterday, “it is clear that Interpreter: a Journal of Mormon Studies is not just carrying on the legacy of the old FARMS, but has already built on it substantially.”


It would be wonderful if he were to say something along these lines in the article that, I assume, he’ll eventually write.