Report from Logan

The Toronto Ontario Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  It was a very long but very interesting day at the temple studies conference up at Utah State University in Logan. Some have asked whether the proceedings of the conference will be made available.  They will.  But it'll take at least a little while.  And a few of the presenters -- including, alas, your humble blogger -- still haven't even turned their papers in to the conference organizers.  (Mine, though, is very close to final polish, so I hope to send it in … [Read more...]

Of Temples and a New Temple

The new Calgary Alberta Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

   President Thomas S. Monson dedicated the Calgary Alberta Temple today.  It's always wonderful to hear of new temple dedications. Meanwhile, I'm up here in Cache Valley for tomorrow's temple studies conference, which seems appropriate.  Some of us met this evening to discuss ways to further temple studies in North America.  There are already good things happening in Great Britain, under the leadership of, among others, Margaret Barker and Laurence He … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts from a Somewhat Busy Sabbath

Irrelevant Photograph

   I'm about to head up to Logan for tomorrow's Temple Studies conference there.  (My paper is printing off as I type; no need to be hasty or premature about these things, right?  I had to record a lecture with Covenant Communications on Thursday night, and that one was finished just a few hours before delivery.)  Some of us will be meeting tonight in an effort to further such studies in North America.  (The photograph above has absolutely nothing to do with any of … [Read more...]

On the Origin and Nature of My Blog

 Occasionally, someone writes in to complain about the nature of my blog entries on Sic et Non.  Usually, there's a complaint that they're too political.  Sometimes the lament is that I post too much travelogue.  One person complained some time back that what I write is no better than an entry on Facebook.  On a related note, another has said that he prefers the weekly posts of certain other Mormon writers, which he believes to be more consistently substantive.  (I'm sure that they are! … [Read more...]

Really, Really Disturbing Claims about Benghazi

  Good grief.  Could it really be this bad?   … [Read more...]

“LDS Charities Give Million-Dollar Humanitarian Effort for Syrian Refugees”

  I'm absolutely delighted at this. The Church's humanitarian efforts are impressive and effective.  I'm told by very reliable sources, for example, that members of the Church would be extremely gratified if they knew the full story of how the Church helped out during recent crises in the Philippines. They can always use more resources.   … [Read more...]

Benghazi is Perhaps Sufficient Reason in Itself to Throw the Rascals Out

Will the mainstream media begin to do their job on this matter?

  I continue to be appalled by what we're learning about events in Benghazi on 11 September.  And, if the reports that I've been hearing are even close to accurate, I think the whole country should be appalled.  Here are three valuable items that deal with the topic: Mark Steyn, "The Incredible Shrinking President" David French, "Inexcusable Failure in Benghazi" Kyle Becker, "Joe Biden Offends Father of Slain Seal" (warning: Laughin' J … [Read more...]

A Couple of Songs that I’d Almost Forgotten About

  I don't know why, but these two pieces -- from the time, eons ago, when even I was still quite young -- suddenly came back to me the other day: I was and still am a big fan of Peter, Paul, and Mary.  And of Joan Baez.  (Mimi Fariña was Joan's sister, and that becomes apparent when you hear her voice.) Google and the internet are such wo … [Read more...]