Less Miserables

  Something of a pre-emptive movie commentary, this week's Peterson column for the Deseret News on the musical of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables,  forthcoming in a film version: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765616602/Les-Miserables-teaches-how-Gods-truth-is-lovable.html Many years ago, in one of the most memorable sacrament meeting talks that I've ever heard, the speaker explained the title of the book and the musical:  They call them "less mi … [Read more...]

“No Room for an Inn”

  My wife and I have just returned from a performance of the musical Savior of the World in the Conference Center Theater in Salt Lake City. The conductor is a close friend of ours. It puts me in the mood to mention this interesting perspective from Dr. John Gee on an element of the Christmas story.  Not very traditional, and perhaps not very inspiring, but nonetheless interesting.   … [Read more...]

Richard Wilkins: Genuinely Distressing News

  Richard Wilkins did many, many things.  We'll miss him as Scrooge, but his efforts to defend traditional family values -- in the course of which he built excellent relations between Muslims and Mormons -- will be difficult if not impossible to replace: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865567647/BYU-law-professor-well-known-Utah-stage-actor-Richard-Wilkins-passes-away-at-59.html?pg=1   … [Read more...]

A Sad Story, and, Sadly, All Too Common

  Within just the past few minutes, I received an email from a friend, a distinguished retired scientist: I just got this e-mail from myself in Spain!  I may have been hacked, so anyone on my contact list may have received this e-mail!  (By the way, if you really want to send the money, don't send it to Spain, just send it to me here and I'll use it to pay the rent!)Sorry,XXXXX Here is the actual email that he received from h … [Read more...]

Thinking the Unthinkable — Should It Be Allowed?

  Are studies such as this still permitted?  Should those who conducted the research and published this article be punished?  Shouldn't they, at the least, be howled at as bigots, denounced as merchants of hate, and, to the extent possible, silenced and ignored? Anyway, who cares?   … [Read more...]

Are we doomed?

  It may be hopeless.  Consider this, for example.  And then this follow-up.  And guess who might be Time magazine's "Person of the Year" for 2012?  Right up there with Winston Churchill, Pope John XXIII, Dwight Eisenhower, Corazon Aquino, Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul II, and Anwar al-Sadat?  (See here for the answer.) Meanwhile, as California, now under virtual one-party rule,  leads the rest of the nation Greece-ward into bankruptcy, its leaders focus on its … [Read more...]

Gloating Liberals

  http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/334071/sore-winners-mona-charen   … [Read more...]

Screening and Panel Discussion, Tonight

  There will be a showing, tonight, of the new film from the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy entitled Unresolvable: The Kingdom of God on Earth, followed by a panel discussion. The film deals with religious disagreements in American society. The screening will occur in the auditorium of the Olpin Student Union at the University of Utah tonight at 6:30 PM.  The panel discussion will follow, at approximately 7:50 PM. I'm slated to be on … [Read more...]