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The Restoration Stands Up to History

The latest installment of my weekly column in the (Salt Lake City) Deseret News: “The Restoration Stands Up to History” The editors at the Deseret News gave it the title, as they always do.  But I agree with it, as I usually do. [Read more…]

Tour of Israel, End of April 2012

I mentioned that one of the purposes of this blog is to shamelessly promote some tours that I’m going to be leading.  So I might as well get started on doing so: Holy Land Tour This is a tour leaving fairly late in April for Israel.  I understand that there are still a few open [Read More…]

The Chronicles of Narnia

I’ve recently finished re-reading C. S. Lewis’s “Chronicles of Narnia” — I must have read them at least two or three times on my own, many years ago, and then read them aloud, individually, to each of my three sons when they were very young, but haven’t re-read them in quite a few years — [Read More…]

Dan Enters the World of Blogging

For years now, people have asked me whether I had a blog.  I’ve always answered No, but have felt that, really, I ought to. So, finally, I’m taking the plunge.  I probably won’t be posting long entries here — I have plenty of outlets as it is, and am already behind on more writing commitments [Read More…]