“Crying at the Movies”


This movie poster image of the young Cosette is a photographic interpretation of the standard logo for the stage musical, which, in turn, derives directly from an illustration in the first edition of Victor Hugo’s classic novel.


This excellent article combines my interests in the religiosity of the musical Les Miserables, on which I’ve recently written here and (more importantly) here, and in reductionism.  I found it enormously amusing to have respondents to my newspaper column argue — evidently with straight faces — that the musical is entirely secular.


This article was also published recently in the increasingly excellent Deseret News — that’s where I read it — but, for some reason, I can’t find it on the Deseret News website.


Incidentally, I share Michael Gerson’s embarrassing affliction.  As I’ve grown older, I — who used to pride myself on my cold and imperturbable heart of stone — have become much more susceptible to emotional manipulation by cunning actors.



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