“Evangelical Controversy: A Deeply Fragmented Movement”



Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, publishes yet again:





  • Larry Winklesworth

    Oh how interesting, it’s a book report! It reads like a mediocre amazon book review. If this is considered “scholarship” then … LOL.

  • Louis Midgley

    Mr. Winklesworth:

    Despite or because of your sneering you have not provided an argument that reduces my review essay to the bizarre opining that one can find on Amazon or what some kid might do in school. Am I to guess that you already knew how after WW II there came to be an evangelical movement and how this was an attempt to blunt and replace the old fundamentalist movement and so forth? Presumably you already knew that what Billy Graham and his wealthy friends launched included a very diverse collection of differing opinions on a host of issues. And you were aware of at least some of the crucial differences between what these distinguished evangelical spokesmen each believe and what Latter-day Saints believe, and also why these four scholars included negative comments on my faith in their effort to set boundaries.

    But since you refuse to see my essay as anything more than a “book report” some kid in school might turn in, please explain why what I wrote does not fit your notion of scholarship. Fashion an argument or the outline of an argument, and not just opine. And please explain exactly what qualifies you to have an opinion on such matters, or why anyone should pay attention to you when you opine.

    • danpeterson

      This one could surprise me, but, on the whole, Winklesworths typically don’t formulate arguments. They simply sneer and affect unearned superiority.

  • Louis Midgley

    He has a clever way of allowing or luring me into commenting on my own essay. He winks and I nod.

  • Louis Midgley

    And now I understand Winklesworths much better than I previously did.