“Joseph Smith’s Character”

Lorenzo Snow (d. 1901)


This morning’s column for the Deseret News brings Lorenzo Snow in as a character witness for the Prophet Joseph Smith:





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"Is this the worst academic journal ever?"
Hebrew inscriptions? How early?
New Testament 197
  • John Kammeyer

    I apologize to address you on an unrelated subject. You once wrote a piece called “Nephi and his Asherah.” I thought it was outstanding. You perhaps need to write a followup, called (perhaps) “Nephi and his Lilith.” In Nephi’s vision we also see the “whore of all the earth,” who is perhaps the evil counterpart to Asherah, one bringing eternal life and the other eternal death. She is described in Revelations in the same terms, so it appears to have been a well-known concept. I can kind of see the parallel, but you could do a far better job of elaborating this. I like your Sic et Non blog, and follow it regularly. God bless you.
    (You probably don’t want to actually post this little note on your blog.)

    • danpeterson

      A good idea. Thanks!

      • Strategoi

        Speaking about that, I remember reading about your Gadianton Robbers as a guerrilla force. Based on my reading, it seems like you should compare it to the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt two years ago through democratic means, and now tightening the laws on other people. It seems similar enough to wonder and even write about.

  • JohnH

    I wonder if there are comment bots that procedurally generate comments with a rotating list of common anti or ex mormon topics. It would really explain a lot, especially why most such comments seem to operate under the assumption that if something gets repeated enough times then it is true.

    • Scott Lloyd

      I too was struck by the vitriol in the reader comments generated by this column, especially considering the fact that the Deseret News moderates the comments that are submitted to it. The ones that didn’t get past the filter must have been ugly indeed,
      Anytime Joseph Smith is the subject of public discourse, it does tend to open the floodgates of antagonism, an obvious fulfillment of the prophecy made by the angel Moroni to Joseph.