My Favorite Contemporary French Actor Renounces France


Atlas shrugged.


Gerard Dépardieu has left France for Belgium.  And may he be blessed for it!


Depardieu as Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)


The Bedouins — the nomadic Arabs — have often prided themselves on their freedom and viewed their urban and village cousins as slaves.  If a government becomes oppressive, the Bedouins can simply move away.


Many, many years ago, I was in the Sinai just after it had reverted from Israeli occupation to Egyptian rule.  I found myself standing next to a camel, on which sat a Bedouin.  Awkward silence.  Searching for something to say, I commented that he must be happy to be back under an Arab government.  He looked at me as if I were insane.  “I am Bedouin,” he replied.  He didn’t give a fig who claimed to govern him.


On another trip, I learned of an Israeli project to build housing for some of the Bedouins within Israel’s borders.  But the Bedouins wouldn’t move into the apartments provided for them.  They were willing to use the plumbing, but insisted on sleeping in their tents.  They were free, and would not be enslaved.


Gérard Depardieu, even after confiscatory taxation, has enough resources to move elsewhere.  Most French people can’t.


And if, or when, the United States goes down, where will Americans be able to go?



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  • Gerald Smith

    If/when America collapses, we’ll just start over. It will be the long overdue revolution Jefferson said we need every generation or two. Also, it may offer the chance to build Zion, which would definitely be a plus.

    • danpeterson

      Always look for a silver lining.

  • Jason Covell

    If M. Depépardieu is upset about paying 85% tax rates to a socialist government, he can still count himself lucky that he is not paying around 91% on his millions as he would have under the Eisenhower administration.

    Both rates are, of course, absurdly high.

  • John Ziebarth

    Last news account I encountered claimed that Putin welcomed Depardieu personally to Russia. Me? I’m looking for a tent as I am preparing to leave California and Its political madness.

    • danpeterson

      Join the exodus from California.

      I’m so, so sad at what the liberals are doing to the state of my birth.