“Ralph Hancock — Critic of Mormon Liberalism”


Joseph Smith’s First Vision


Mormon Stories has posted a podcast interview with my friend and colleague (and fellow Interpreter editor) Ralph Hancock.  He’s always worthy of attention.



Morality and happiness
New Testament 166
"Colesville Restoration"
"How a Gay-Marriage Study Went Wrong"
  • European Saint

    Thank you for posting this link, DCP. I listened to all 5 1/2 hours (4 podcast sessions) of this mammoth interview, and I can honestly say that my time was well spent. A favorite passage of mine: when criticized for allegedly not being respectful to Joanna Brooks, Hancock stated that, where he comes from, taking someone else’s work seriously enough to read, re-read, and subsequently critique constitutes respect. It caused me to reflect upon whether Hancock’s multitude of detractors had taken the time to read Hancock’s work(s). I think I already know the answer.

    • danpeterson

      I think you do, too.

  • JohnH

    You and most of the other bloggers on the Patheos Mormon Channel must really get along well, thank you so much for blogging.

    • danpeterson

      Thank you.

  • Julianne Dehlin Hatton

    Well worth the time.