“Ralph Hancock — Critic of Mormon Liberalism”


Joseph Smith’s First Vision


Mormon Stories has posted a podcast interview with my friend and colleague (and fellow Interpreter editor) Ralph Hancock.  He’s always worthy of attention.



We're doomed.
"God's Warning to America"
New Testament 196
"How Islamist Extremists Warp the Fatwa"
  • European Saint

    Thank you for posting this link, DCP. I listened to all 5 1/2 hours (4 podcast sessions) of this mammoth interview, and I can honestly say that my time was well spent. A favorite passage of mine: when criticized for allegedly not being respectful to Joanna Brooks, Hancock stated that, where he comes from, taking someone else’s work seriously enough to read, re-read, and subsequently critique constitutes respect. It caused me to reflect upon whether Hancock’s multitude of detractors had taken the time to read Hancock’s work(s). I think I already know the answer.

    • danpeterson

      I think you do, too.

  • JohnH

    You and most of the other bloggers on the Patheos Mormon Channel must really get along well, thank you so much for blogging.

    • danpeterson

      Thank you.

  • Julianne Dehlin Hatton

    Well worth the time.