Two Bits of Surprising Trivia


André the Giant


I enjoy coming across unexpected connections.  Here are two that I’ve only recently learned about:


Johnny Cash served in the military in Europe.  He was assigned to be a Morse code intercept operator to monitor Soviet Army transmissions.  In that capacity, he was the first to intercept the news of the death of Josef Stalin.


André the Giant (André René Roussimoff) was born in Molien, France.  By age twelve, he weighed 240 pounds, stood 6’3″ tall, and couldn’t fit on the school bus.  So he was driven to school every day by a friendly neighbor, the playwright Samuel Beckett (who hadn’t yet won the Nobel Prize).



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  • Ed Ludeman

    I highly recommend the book “Cash” by Johnny Cash.

  • TJ

    Have you perhaps been watching QI?

  • Craig

    I love how people knowingly or usually, unknowingly, cross paths with others who become famous. I also love seeing who have lived at the same time other people have lived (even if their lives never crossed, it is still fascinating).