“We Develop Character in the Stream of Life”


Not, perhaps, ideal circumstances for quiet meditation, but . . .


My column for this week in the Deseret News.



New Testament 141
"You deserve Hillary's bloodless, condescending campaign"
"Who will stand?"
The trouble with reality
  • kaph

    Actually the interesting thing is, in this day and age, a crowded place like that has never presented a better opportunity for meditation. As long as we don’t get so focused inward on our navel gazes that we don’t seek to serve, reach out, talk to, the people immediately around us from time to time on the crowded street, bus, etc.

    The mp3 player has made study, pondering, and mediation portable almost no matter where we are. I’ve noticed if I choose to listen to conference, over and over again, my thoughts are drawn to God and drawn to those around me. How I could share the gospel with them, invite up a conversation, or help someone truly in need. All made possible through quite internal meditation listening to an archive of thousands of minutes of conference.