“A Voice from the Dust”: Hugh Nibley Takes Up Blogging




I’m delighted to see that the irreplaceable and inimitable voice of Hugh Nibley continues to be available to us:





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  • LBRussell

    There’s something incongruently Buckleyesque about this pose. I loved them both. And still do.

    • danpeterson

      Me too.

  • Louis Midgley

    I don’t care about the photo Dan included. Instead, I love to hear the voice of my dear friend again an again and again. It is difficult to set out just how much my encounter with Hugh Nibley meant to me as a young kid then a student at the UofU (aka Utah’s other University). In that barren wasteland then mostly patrolled by cultural Mormons, I found intellectual sustenance in Nibley. And then later when I came to BYU to try to teach both myself and also mostly yawning students, he became a friend. In shark infested universities, I have discovered, really good friends are both hard to find and sometimes even harder to keep.

  • Tracy Hall Jr

    Taking my required Book of Mormon class from Nibley during my freshman year at BYU was a turning point for me. He awakened me to the astonishing depths of the book, which he was the first to admit were yet to be plumbed. The Book of Mormon no doubt continues to harbor treasures yet to be discovered.