“Al-Ghazali, Galileo, and Pope Benedict’s Critique of Secularism”


The cover of BYU’s bilingual edition
of al-Ghazali’s
“The Incoherence of the Philosophers”


The other day, I noted an article in First Things that I found both provocative and somewhat wrong-headed, vowing that I would comment more fully on it within a few days.


I’m still somewhat distracted (e.g., by visitors, and conferences, and certain other issues), but, fortunately, Ben Huff may have just relieved me of the obligation of saying certain things, since he’s said them himself:





Without this, only an animal
“Want evidence of hysterical anti-Christian bigotry? Look no further than #boycottindiana”
“In a game of total victory, we all lose”
“The Holy Land in 4K”