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John Mackey


I had dinner with John Mackey a few years ago in Las Vegas, and have encountered or heard him a few times since then.  I admire him very much, and I like the way he thinks.  And my wife and I went shopping in the Whole Foods Market in Park City on Saturday.  It’s a fun place.



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  • Lucy Mcgee

    Last year I learned that all is not well with winter tomatoes. Namely, those grown in Florida by some growers who have had a terrible record of abuse of migrant workers. We have a Whole Foods Market 6 blocks from our home. We have a Trader Joe’s a few blocks further. I stopped shopping at Trader Joe’s once I realized that these guys did little or nothing to aid the plight of those workers and did much to keep prices so low, that each worker had to haul thousands of pounds of green tomatoes from the herbicide and pesticide laden fields each day, just to make minimum wage.