Harrison Bergeron


Kurt Vonnegut (d. 2007)


There are a number of things not to approve of with regard to the late Kurt Vonnegut, but he was a Really Big Thing during my high school years and thereabouts, and I read a lot of his stuff.  Unfortunately, unlike Ray Bradbury (who was the patron saint of our writing club), he never visited my high school.  But he had a curious — though, now, rather dimly remembered — influence on me that probably continues to this day, if only subconsciously.


I particularly recall enjoying his short story “Harrison Bergeron,” which often seems to me amazingly prescient, given the trend of American politics.


I just looked at it again.  I think I’m going to dust off some of my old Vonnegut novels.



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  • http://www.themostawesomespanishblogever.blogspot.com Steve Funk

    Oh wow, this guy has really seemed to nail it! Is our society really that predictable? The problem with people today is that we need things written out plainly and the people that understand the message are the ones who already get it…