I’m proud to recall that I didn’t vote for him.


Rioting in Athens as the Greek economy implodes


Today, I’m told, the United States passed the $16.5 trillion debt mark.


And, also today, the Obama administration missed the legal deadline for filing a budget for the fourth time in five years.


Four more years!



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What's a poor progressive to do?
  • Mark B.

    So disappointed. I was hoping that you were talking about Richard Nixon.

  • http://www.jrganymede.com Adam G.

    Pretty shabby behavior from the President.

  • http://www.sethpayne.com Seth Payne


    Did you vote for Bush? He spent like a drunken sailor too. I supported him twice simply because I found the alternatives to be unacceptable.

    Why the current President feels he does not need to submit a budget, as per law, is beyond me.


    • danpeterson

      I voted for Bush, and largely for the reason you give. I never found him (or his Dad) to be a serious, principled conservative of the type I prefer.