“Interpreter” Update

The Mesa Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


With this article, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture completes its third volume.  This will be available via print-on-demand from Amazon.com within a couple of weeks.


Publication of articles for volume four will begin this coming week.


In the meantime, the current plan for Dr. Gregory Smith’s papers on ‘Mormon Studies” and l’affaire Dehlin is simply to post them on the website without typesetting them or including them in the journal proper.  (The plan could change.  We’ll watch and see what turns out to be the best course.)


In the meantime, I would like to thank those whose names appear without photographs on the Interpreter board page.  (Look for them toward the bottom of the page.)  These are our volunteers who serve as “editorial consultants” and as “media and technology consultants.”


If you know one of them, tell him or her “Thanks!”


To have published three full volumes of material since 3 August with a volunteer staff and no budget is an amazing thing.  I’m very grateful to all those who have made it happen.



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  • Ben

    I think the Mormon Stories piece is important and should be published as a full and typset piece.

    I’d love to see it as part of a first book in a series of “Interpreter Review” volumes.

  • nealqr

    I do hope the plan changes on the Greg Smith papers. For all the time that was put into them, I think that they are worth more formally publishing.

    Just my opinion, for what it is worth, which may not be much, although I am one of those pictureless names at the bottom of the Board page. ;-)

  • nealqr

    I understand due to their length and weekly format of the journal, it is hard to include them in one of it’s volumes. One idea might be to formally publish the two papers interdependently of the journal, kind of like the papers included in the “Occasional Papers” series that the Maxwell Institute did for a while.

    Just a suggestion, and one that I am sure you and the powers that be had already thought about.

    • danpeterson

      Well, we’re still thinking. And will, I hope, continue to think.

    • Stephen Smoot

      Like Neal, my opinion probably isn’t worth much, even though like him I’m one of the pictureless names at the bottom of the Board page. ;-) I’d say Neal’s idea of turning the article into something like one of the old “Occasional Papers” doesn’t sound too bad. It might be a sort of helpful stepping stone towards Interpreter publishing books, which I understand is something Interpreter is interested in doing in the future.

      • danpeterson

        Gosh, guys. I wasn’t trying to stigmatize you as “the LITTLE people.” I was trying to single that list of names out for THANKS.

        • nealqr

          Dan, knowing that you are fan of Les Miserables, I understand very well that you appreciate “what little people can do.” :-)

          We know you were not trying to stigmatize us, and very much appreciate the thanks. But also note that self-depreciating humor is one of your strong suits, and – for better or for worse – we just want to be like you. ;-)

          But we also know that we ARE the LITTLE people, and are quite okay with it.

  • Nathan Whilk

    Is the current MI mole the same as the FARMS mole who leaked the Metcalfe acrostic back in 1994?

    • danpeterson

      No, I don’t believe so.