Conscious Capitalism

John Mackey

  I had dinner with John Mackey a few years ago in Las Vegas, and have encountered or heard him a few times since then.  I admire him very much, and I like the way he thinks.  And my wife and I went shopping in the Whole Foods Market in Park City on Saturday.  It's a fun place.   … [Read more...]

“Mormon Challenges”

An alpine meadow in Austria.  Totally irrelevant.  I just happen to love the Alps.  So, when I think of a happy place, or of something helping, I think of scenes such as this.

  Here's a new project that, in my view, holds real promise.  I'm enthusiastic about any effort to help members of the Church who may be struggling with their faith -- and I favor using every medium that can be enlisted, so that we can reach people where they actually are. Apologetics efforts have, for too long, been confined largely to the print media -- which is not where a lot of those needing help happen to be.  That's one of the reasons that I'm so excited … [Read more...]

Joseph Smith’s Plural Wives after the Martyrdom

Joseph Smith (1805-1844)

  There seems to me little question that the most plausible avenue of attack against Joseph Smith's character -- or, if you prefer, the most serious ground for concern about him -- centers on his involvement in polygamy, or so-called "plural marriage." A new article by Brian Hales, the leading current authority on early Mormon polygamy, is helpful:  Brian C. Hales, "Joseph Smith's Plural Wives after the Martyrdom," Mormon Historical Studies 13/1-2 (Spring/Fall … [Read more...]

James E. Talmage, on Mormon Scholars Testify

Elder James E. Talmage (d. 1933)

  I've long intended to post at least a few testimonies on Mormon Scholars Testify from academic luminaries of the past -- and Elder James E. Talmage certainly ranks high among those.  So, with thanks to Ardis Parshall for bringing the particular material that I've used in this entry to my attention, this week's featured testimony comes from the British-born author of Jesus the Christ and The Articles of Faith, who was trained as a geologist.   … [Read more...]

Elder Maxwell on Scholarship

Elder Neal A. Maxwell (d. 2004)

 Dr. John Gee's fascinating (and unpronounceably titled) blog continues with this excellent collection of passages from the late Elder Neal A. Maxwell on the calling of the academic life and the relationship between faith and scholarship:   … [Read more...]

Oliver Cowdery Daguerreotype Restored in Full Color

Peter, James, and John confer the priesthood of Melchizedek upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery

   The Interpreter Foundation's indispensable Bryce Haymond has (once again) done something really interesting. Have a look! On Oliver Cowdery, see this.   … [Read more...]

Were the Smiths Workers or “Slackers”?

The Joseph Smith Sr. family

  An older Deseret News column (from back in the first half of 2011) that is relevant to this year's course of study in the Sunday school, which focuses on the Doctrine and Covenants and on the history of the Church:   … [Read more...]

My Life as a Straw Man

St. Sebastian, or, Life as a Pin Cushion

  I learn new things about myself all the time, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. I've learned, for example, that I reject evolution and believe the earth to be only six thousand years old. This came as a shock to me, because, for as long as I can remember, I've thought the evidence for evolution overwhelming, and I've assumed -- or, maybe more accurately, imagined that I've assumed -- the earth to be roughly 4.5 billion years … [Read more...]