The Book of Mormon as Literature


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Here’s a flyer for an exciting new course to be given this fall by my friend (and former student) Dr. David Bokovoy at the University of Utah.


This class represents something of a breakthrough.  Nothing like it has been taught before, and certainly not at the University of Utah.  (Which is, I believe, an institution of college-level higher learning located somewhere in or near Salt Lake City.)


If you’re in the vicinity, you might want to see if you can attend.  If you’re a student at the University of Utah — what on earth were you thinking? — you might want to carve out some time to add this to your schedule for the fall.



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  • Orla V. Pedersen

    Since I don’t have your email address, but wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful articles in MormonTimes which is the first thing I reach for when the paper comes. You have helped me see and understand how to defend our faith when issues are brought up which you write about. I do have a former missionary son who has left the faith who has some deep questions which you might address in a future column. I would like to email his letter to you if you would consider it.
    Thanks again. Sincerely Brother Orla Pedersen, Draper, Utah.

    • danpeterson

      Dear Brother Pedersen (excellent name!):

      Thank you for your kind note.

      You can forward your son’s letter to me at

  • DLewis

    “This class represents something of a breakthrough. Nothing like it has been taught before, and certainly not at the University of Utah.” Actually, Charles Swift of Ancient Scripture taught a Honors class on the BoM as Literature at BYU while I was there a few years back (though I’m not sure if it is still being taught).

    • danpeterson

      Good to hear about it. I hadn’t known of it before, and, like you, don’t know that it’s still being done.

  • John Ziebarth

    WOW! What a great class that should be. Reading all these announcements of classes and lectures in the SLC environs makes this Southern Californian a little geographically challenged. Any chance of that class being on the internet?

    • danpeterson

      I’ll ask.

  • Bob Oliverio


    Do you believe there is any interest in the secular academic world for “The Book of Mormon as History” being offered as part of an accredited history program?

    I read that there are many in the apologetics world who claim there is very compelling scholarship, particularly from LDS archaeologists.  Do you believe the level of this scholarship is at a level yet for serious academic history programs to begin teaching this history, much like biblical history has been embraced and taught, in our accredited secular academic institutions?  If not today, how many years away do you think we are?

    • danpeterson

      There’s no interest at present, and I don’t anticipate any arising in the foreseeable future.