The Genuine Article


He’s no Paris Hilton.


Many are saying that the finest ad at this year’s Super Bowl was that the one from Dodge featuring the late Paul Harvey.


Here’s one take on it:


And, in case you didn’t see it, here’s the ad itself:


Some things are real.  Many things are fake.


I have farmers in my family.  And construction workers and truck drivers and welders and janitors.  And I grew up working construction.


I have enormous respect for qualities that go beyond shallow glibness, cleverness for display, wit without substance, celebrity without achievement, notoriety without character.  For authenticity.  I’ve seen those things in the construction workers with whom I spent much of my youth, and in the hard working members of my extended family.


I loved the Dodge ad.



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  • JL

    Paul Harvey was one of a kind. The ad was genius.