Were the Smiths Workers or “Slackers”?


The Joseph Smith Sr. family


An older Deseret News column (from back in the first half of 2011) that is relevant to this year’s course of study in the Sunday school, which focuses on the Doctrine and Covenants and on the history of the Church:





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  • http://nathanrichardson.com Nathan000000

    Thank you so much for reposting these old articles thematically. They’re just as relevant, and they deserve to be rediscovered.

    My favorite series of yours, by the way, was the articles you used to do on Meridian on ancient history, like Philo and Rabi’a. That’s how I discovered Al Ghazali and his “epistemology quest” that rings so true to Latter-day Saints. Is there a concise list of those anywhere? I’ve given up trying to find old articles on Meridian. Ever since they redesigned their website several years ago, their archives are hopelessly scrambled and old articles seem as good as lost.