Interpreter’s Plan for World Domination


We have an ambitious business plan.


Reflecting on Professor Royal Skousen’s three excellent presentations on the Book of Mormon Critical Text Project in the series of lectures just concluded, I was gratified to notice the involvement of people involved with The Interpreter Foundation.


Last week, for example, Professor Louis Midgley delivered the invocation.


Last night, Alison V. P. Coutts offered the invocation and I did the introduction.


And then, of course, there’s Professor Skousen himself.



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  • Louis Midgley

    I was very pleased to be asked to give the invocation for Professor Skousen’s second lecture. A minor event, but one I could not avoid, prevented me from attending his final presentation. The Interpreter Foundation people were very much evident at the three remarkable presentations by Professor Skousen, whose impish wit I very much enjoyed.