Picks and Pans: A Musical Play and a New Film


Ian Fleming


I call this blog Sic et Non, which is the Latin equivalent of “Yes and No.”  The point in choosing the title was that I intended the blog to be a place in which, among other things, I expressed opinions, both positive and negative.


Well, here’s an opinion.  (And some of you may have noticed that it’s not actually my first.)


After a seafood dinner, my wife and I and a friend of hers attended a performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang this evening at the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley City.  It was hilarious.


I’ll admit that I wasn’t much in the mood to go.  I’ve never seen the thing before.  I’ve always thought the title so stupid that I’ve had no interest in seeing it.  But my curiosity finally got the best of me — the musical is loosely based upon a novel by Ian Fleming (as in the Ian Fleming who created James Bond), which strikes me as extraordinarily odd  – coupled, of course, with the fact that we now own season tickets.


Anyway, live theater is a wonderful thing, and they did a spectacularly good job.


Is it silly?  Yes.  To the max.  It’s unlikely to be confused with, say, Waiting for Godot, or Sartre’s No Exit, or T. S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral (which I’ve always wanted to see in performance).  It has no redeeming value, really — except that, in the version presented at the Hale Centre Theatre, at least — it’s very, very funny.


I recommend it.


So that’s my pick for the evening.


Now for my pan:


My wife and I watched John Cusack in The Numbers Station last night.  It hasn’t yet appeared in theaters.  Don’t bother.


Support live theater, instead.



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  • http://plainandpreciousthing.blogspot.com/ Rozann

    Our children LOVE Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang with Dick Van Dyke. How fun to see it live! Thanks for sharing.