Same-Sex Marriage and Military Chaplains


But then, on second thought, who cares?


Relatively few people think about this, I’m guessing, but serious issues could arise for the military chaplain corps if, as the Obama administration plainly desires, the federal government endorses same-sex marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act is overturned or neutralized:


For example, will Evangelical, Catholic, and Latter-day Saint chaplains be required, in contravention of their faith, to perform same-sex marriages — or face dismissal?  Does chaplaincy in the military (which began under George Washington) have a future?



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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    President Obama cannot have faith in a God who does not endorse all of President Obama’s opinions.

    Each chaplain in the military is commissioned specifically as a representative of his or her denomination. The number of chaplains for each denomination is based on the number of soldiers in the Army, for example, who have recorded membership in that denomination in their personnel records. A chaplain who loses the endorsement of his denomination must be discharged.Having chaplains is an important means for religious minorities to have their beliefs respected. There are heavy handed, nonreligious commanders who will undoubtedly try to coerce dissenting chaplains to endorse gay marriage because they are bureaucrats not warriors. There will have to be concerted push back from Mormons, Catholics, Orthodox Jews and conservative Protestants to preserve delicious liberty not just for chaplains but also for religious service members. Obama will apply the same tin ear to the military as he has on HHS requirements to subsidze cobtraceptives foir women who refuse to pay for them out of pocket.