“We are his offspring”


A Norman Rockwell mosaic at the United Nations Building in New York City


My Deseret News column for today, on the question of whether all people — or only Christians, or only born-again Christians, or only the thirteen regular attendees at the Southeast Pukahatchee Holiness Bible Church — count in God’s eyes as his children:





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  • Louis Midgley

    There is something comforting about that little song we sing in which we tell ourselves some very good news–that we all are “children of God,” even though, while on probation here below, we are in some degree alienated. When we add to this good new, the even better news that whatever mess we make of things here below, there is a way back to the presence of God, then we have something about which to truly rejoice–the Lord is our King.

  • Josh Senal

    I enjoyed your article. I have read several comments by you where you have said less than flattering things about certain posters like Kishkumen and Dr. Scratch. I think your article reminds us how important it is for us to always remember that all are equally precious in God’s sight and God expects us to remember this truth in all of our dealings.

    • danpeterson

      I don’t doubt for a moment that those two are children of God.

      I simply think that they often behave — well, Scratch ALWAYS behaves — very, very shamefully.

  • log

    And yet, it is readily apparent that Paul quoting a poet does not count in God’s eyes as making someone his child (1 John 3:10 – whoever has not got charity is a child of the devil; see Cry Redemption, JBMS 3/1). It is true that through Adam all are of one flesh with God (Luke 3:38, Moses 6:22) yet we are children of the devil through our necessary disobedience by way of the fall of Adam and are given the choice to have God to be our father (Moses 7:33); it is only through repentance, calling upon the name of the Lord in perfect faith, and subsequent baptism by water and fire that we become again the children of God (Moses 6:68 [64-68]). This teaching, along with the true significance of the Fall of Adam, seems to be rather underappreciated in these latter days, compared with the former (Alma 22:13-18).