A Lecture Tomorrow in Salt Lake City, to Be Repeated Twice


The LDS Institute building at the University of Utah


Just in case somebody out there is interested:


I’m speaking twice tomorrow (Saturday, 18 May) to a single adults group at the LDS Institute building adjacent to the University of Utah.  It’s actually one lecture, which will be given under the title of “Behind the Headlines in the Middle East,” but will repeat — first at 2:40 PM and secondly at 3:40 PM.  (Actually, since I tend to speak somewhat off the cuff and in response to questions, the two presentations will probably be rather different.  But I can’t guarantee that.)  Entrance to the building is from the south.



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  • brotheroflogan

    I hope it’s not another jeremiad or it might last a whole 5 minutes and drive everyone to despair.

  • Wedge

    Dang it, that place has like 12 chapels…. Couldn’t find ya