A New Entry on “Mormon Scholars Testify”


Heidi Beus Naylor,
of Boise State University


Under the pressure of other obligations, professional and family, I’ve let “Mormon Scholars Testify”  slide just a bit, of late.


But I’m hoping to get it back on track.  So, in that light and in others, I’m happy to say that “Mormon Scholars Testify” has just posted its 343rd entry, by Heidi Beus Naylor of Boise State University.


Three hundred and forty-three.  Not bad, if I must say so myself.


Some critics have pointed out that a few of these entries come from dead people.  Which is true.  It was always my plan to include notable Mormon scholars and scientists from the past, such as John A. Widtsoe, Henry Eyring, Truman Madsen, Hugh Nibley, and Arthur Henry King.  But I doubt that the percentage of entries from those who have passed away reaches even two percent.  In fact, the list that I’ve just given very nearly exhausts the category.


Critics criticize.  That’s what they do.


Another note:  People sometimes suggest that my “staff” and I do this or that with regard to “Mormon Scholars Testify.”  But there is no staff.  There’s yours truly.  (I recruit the scholars and I edit the testimonies for posting.)  And there’s the indispensable and wonderfully efficient Tanya Spackman.  (She designed and runs the website and actually posts the entries.)  This project could not have happened without her, and I appreciate her help on it more than I can express.  But we both have jobs, and there’s no other “staff.”  Just so you know.


In the meantime, though, please feel free, if you or somebody you know counts as a believing Mormon scientist or scholar, to submit an entry to “Mormon Scholars Testify” or to encourage somebody else to do so.


Many thanks!



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"Greeks apologize with huge horse"
New Testament 197
Hebrew inscriptions? How early?
  • kore kosemou

    Oh yeah, [obscene threat deleted].

  • http://www.facebook.com/guy.briggs Guy Briggs

    There used to be a billboard for a Los Angeles-area radio station – on the north side of the 22 freeway and just west of the “Orange Crush.” Its message spoke to the freshness of its content. It read, simply, “Less music by dead guys.”

    Perhaps that’s what your critics are asking for?

    In any case, newer music isn’t always better music. For my part, I don’t mind sacrificing a little Taylor Swift for some Billie Holiday. So please keep the Widtsoe, Madsen, Eyring, Nibley, King, et al, coming.

    • DanielPeterson

      It would be fairly hard to have the site be MUCH less about “music by dead guys,” as the dead guys represent less than 2% of the entries.