Do Not Forget Those Who Died in Benghazi


“What difference does it make?”
President Obama at the Arlington National


Hearings begin this morning, in the United States House of Representatives, into the events of last 11 September in which our ambassador to Libya and three others were killed.  They were killed, you may recall, during a multi-hour firefight in Benghazi with a “spontaneous street demonstration” armed, among other things, with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons.


On the whole, the American public has shown itself to have cared very little about this incident.


And, on the whole, the American news media have, at least until very recently, demonstrated remarkably little curiosity about it.  (If only Jodi Arias had been involved!)  In fact, moderator Candy Crowley’s intervention on President Obama’s behalf during the second presidential debate last year — she incorrectly corrected a claim by Governor Romney regarding Benghazi — changed the momentum of that debate and may have contributed significantly to Mr. Obama’s re-election.


That indifference should change.


Here are some places where readers can orient themselves on this matter:‘i-blame’-hillary-clinton-son’s-death


This thing matters.




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