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I just received this note from my wife’s friend Kristine Frederickson:


As most of you know I recently published a book, Extraordinary Courage: Women Empowered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with Deseret BookThe book explores the lives of eleven women:

·   Vienna Jacques, a 19th century American woman who converted to the LDS Church and exhibited great faith when asked to donate her life’s savings to the Church;

·   Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, who courageously obeyed God although she was ridiculed and scorned by many for doing so;

·   Josephine Butler, a 19th-century British Christian activist who worked to reclaim fallen women and to teach them of God’s love for them and for every person on earth;

·   Ellis Shipp, a 19th-century Utahn who, against great odds, left home to secure a medical degree in the East that she might provide care and assistance to fellow women and who subsequently used her medical skills to bless many families throughout the western U.S., Canada, and Mexico;

·   Mary Fielding Smith, the widow of the martyred Hyrum Smith, who chose to go West with fellow LDS Saints and, although faced with enormous challenges, successfully organized teams and wagons and guided her family and other needy friends across the plains to the Salt Lake Basin;

·   Lucy Mack Smith, mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith, who suffered myriad personal indignities and watched family and friends martyred in defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ yet remained charitable and devoted to the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout her life;

·   Esther, the Jewess, who lived about one hundred years after the Babylonian captivity, who became the queen of Persia, and who acted with impeccable integrity, risking her life to save her people;

·   Susanna, from the ancient Apocrypha, a little known Jewess in Babylon, who maintained her virtue even in the face of death;

·   Priscilla, who was baptized by Paul and was the first known female Christian missionary in the New Testament who, with her husband, valiantly bore testimony of Jesus Christ in the decadent Roman Empire;

·   Abish, a Lamanite woman in the Book of Mormon with a personal testimony of Jesus Christ, who had to wait until opportunity presented itself and then bravely shared her testimony with other Lamanites;

·   Mary Murdoch Murray, a courageous convert to the LDS church who left her native Scotland at an advanced age to travel by ship, train, and on foot in a handcart company, in hopes of gathering with family and fellow Saints in the Salt Lake Basin.   

 Each of these women is extraordinary! When each one’s life is properly situated in its distinct historical setting her life truly comes alive and provides points of contact and models from which each of us can explore and better understand our own lives and the choices before us in this critical day and age.

 After years of research and writing my admiration for these women has grown and I want others to get to know them too. I hope this project will increase faith and devotion to the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The righteous choices these women made blessed their lives and I believe that studying them will help strengthen and empower individuals today to become more committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

 As you feel it appropriate I am reaching out and asking you to make others aware of the book via email, on the various social media sites you participate in, and in other ways ask you to contact friends and loved ones, let them know of its release, and ask them to share this information with others as well.


Extraordinary Courage is currently available in Deseret Book at their Wasatch front stores, and if they do not have the book in stock it can be ordered from those same Deseret Book locations. It can also be purchased online as either an ebook or a print book to be shipped to a specific address by using the following link: http://deseretbook.com/Kristine_Wardle_Frederickson/a/22815#q=Kristine%20Wardle%20Frederickson&page=1&sort=score&facets.  Another way to access this link is to go to Deseretbook.com and, in the search bar, type “Frederickson,” and the link will come up.


Thank you for any assistance you might provide.



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