Regional Sunday Fireside for (31+ year-old) Singles


Night view of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi
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For any who might care, I’ll be speaking at a regional fireside for single adults (31+ years old) on Sunday, 26 May (a week from today).  My topic is “The Middle East: The Story behind the Headlines.”  (I taught two back-to-back classes under a similar title at the LDS Institute adjacent to the University of Utah yesterday, and they were entirely dissimilar.  The questions began in each case within the first couple of minutes and took the two classes in quite different directions.  So I don’t expect this one to be a cookie-cutter presentation, either.)


The fireside will begin at 7:30 PM.  It will be held in the LDS building — a church, I expect; don’t be looking for the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, shown above — at 1315 East 900 South in Provo, directly across the street from the Provo Cemetery.  (I’ve thought of several self-deprecating jokes with that location in mind, but, since none strikes me as especially inspired, I’ll spare you.)


The fireside — Sunday, 26 May, 7:30 PM, remember — is aimed at single adults.  But I doubt that they’ll mind too terribly much if a few married types sneak in.



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