Some Current Scandals

On the campus of Columbia University in New York City


The Obama Department of Justice has finally gone and done it:  DoJ, it seems, secretly obtained two months of telephone records from reporters at the Associated Press.  This could really rile mainstream journalists.  For once, it hits them close to home.


In the meantime, there’s the increasingly ugly Benghazi scandal.  There is simply too much good coverage and breaking news to mention, but this is worth a read.


And the Internal Revenue Service was targeting conservative groups — rather a textbook instance of the kind of government tyranny that Mr. Obama was dismissing as a mere paranoid fantasy only a week ago.  Here’s a podcast that summarizes some of the issues.  (“The IRS scandal has legs,” says this particular experienced observer, who also mentions “wiretaps” at the Associated Press.)  But was this merely an overzealous renegade bureaucrat, acting on his or her own, at a regional office?  Apparently not.  Almost certainly No.


Funny notes:


The IRS demanded that Marion Gowers supply details of what her group was reading.  She responded by mailing them a copy of the United States Constitution.  (See here.)  Well done!


Haley Barbour, the former governor of Mississippi, got off a good quip yesterday when he observed that, under Nixon, using the word patriot didn’t get you onto the White House enemies list.


Richard M. Nixon


If you want a non-political scandal, though, here’s a nice one.  It evidently involves the wish of a university to circumvent or ignore the expressed intent of a donor, after having accepted funds from that donor.



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  • Lucy Mcgee

    This administration needs a huge scandal; the bigger the better. It should be of the magnitude to wake up the dreary who believe they live in a nation where there is justice for all.