The Benghazi Scandal Grows



An inoffensive image, I hope!


“Move along.  Move along.  There’s nothing to see here.”


“No!  Wait a minute!  Did you see that car that just drove by?  Wasn’t that Mitt Romney with a dog on his roof?  And Jodi Arias in the passenger seat?”



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  • Quickmere Graham

    Congrats on continuing to author the worst blog on Patheos.

    • DanielPeterson


  • Brad Kramer

    Peterson, couldn’t you have found a nice image of Nazis ignoring burning Jews at Auschwitz?

    • DanielPeterson

      I don’t believe that any such image could possibly be considered “nice,” and I’m more than a little puzzled why YOU would believe so. Even if it were relevant.

      My father was directly involved in the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Mauthausen, Austria, and I grew up hearing his account of the unutterable horror of it, and seeing the photos that he took (on assignment from his commanding officer) in order to document what they found there — including the still unemptied crematoria and the stacks of unburied gassing victims.

      I’ve made several pilgrimages to Mauthausen as a result, and I’m frankly appalled that you would seek to turn what it represents into a joke.