A Deceptive Site Designed to Destroy the Faith of Young Mormons



Yes, it wears a sheep’s clothing


I’ve grown accustomed, over the years, to entries planted in telephone books under “Latter-day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of Ex-” that are intended to lure unsuspecting people seeking meeting times in a new town into listening to recorded anti-Mormon messages.  And demonstrators — sometimes even wearing white shirts, ties, and black name tags — handing out newspaper-like materials at temple open houses that are designed to look like official Church information but are full of attacks on Mormonism.  And books bearing seemingly faith-promoting titles that were given those titles in order to persuade believing Mormons to buy what are, in fact, artful attacks on the claims of the Restoration.  And so on, and so forth.


Now, Don Bradley, a fine Mormon historian and a friend who isn’t, himself, much given to apologetics, calls my attention to the latest such deception– one that seems, in my view, particularly cynical, manipulative, disingenuous, and ill-intended.  He’s posted something about it here.


If you have somebody about to send in missionary papers, or if you yourself are about to do so, be aware that this site is slyly, subtly, crafted to destroy, specifically, the faith of prospective missionaries.  It’s principally aimed at the kids of the Church.  Don’t send prospective missionaries to it as a good place to learn how to get ready for service.  And remember, if you can’t contain your own curiosity, that it’s cunningly put together.  (I hesitate even to publicize the thing, but worry that some parents, etc., trying to be helpful but unaware of its true nature, will unwittingly send unprepared young people to it and, thereby, reap considerable pain and sorrow.)



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  • hthalljr

    Thank you for wisely not posting a link that would direct traffic to the site. In such instances, I always prefer to read a review from a trusted source than to add so much as one tiny click to their revenue stream.

  • Walter Davis

    It is hard to find words such a despicable tactic. I imagine young, enthusiastic LDS kids preparing for a mission being slapped in the face with such stuff and it makes me ill on their behalf. Terrible.

  • Christopher Nicholson

    I tangled with this guy. His audacity is sickening. Funny how these apostates always claim the moral high ground, yet they see no problem with bare-faced dishonesty whenever it helps their agenda.

  • brotheroflogan

    The commentators on the forum you linked do a good job of pointing out errors and lies from the website. I find that encouraging. I have also found that some of my friends who have left the church don’t mind lying in order to attack the church. But I also have a friend who has left the church and is generally fair in his criticisms, even if I may disagree with him.

  • David_Naas

    Not every criticism is an attack. However, almost if not all attacks are intended to destroy. Similarly, attacking one’s perceived enemies is not good apologetics (and it gives spiritual heartburn). It comes down to using a trebuchet to fling horses which have been flogged to death over the walls, while the defenders hunker down and murmur against the attackers. While my study of the writings of Joseph Smith is admittedly very limited, I do not recall that he gave much time to railing against his enemies (human lapses noted), he seemed to prefer to ignore them and to go on with what he had to do.
    Nor is this to say that people are not supposed to engage in “critical thinking”, which is, after all, what “pondering” is all about. (But that is not the same as “criticism”).
    Beyond sounding a cautionary note, ignoring attackers seems to be what the leadership practices, and is probably what everyone else should be doing.

    • lindasdf

      I agree. A criticism is something like “I disagree with vicarious baptism because…”
      An attack is “Mormons believe that God had sex with Mary, and this is bad because…”

      Lots of “straw man arguments” and “logical fallacies”.