Behind the Demonstrations at Taksim Square


The “Old City” of Istanbul, seen from across the Sea of Marmara


Although it’s one of the most interesting places in the world, relatively few Westerners go to Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople).  And, although Turkey is a very, very important country, not only literally bridging Europe and Asia but figuratively bridging the West and Islam, a member of NATO and knocking on the door of the European Union, relatively few Westerners, I’m guessing, are paying much attention to the anti-government demonstrations occurring there right now.


But they’re important.


Here’s a helpful background article about them.



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  • ringg

    Last year I stayed in a hotel a few hundred yards from Taksim Square and even fewer yards from Gezi Park. I feel for the Turkish people and hope these events are resolved peacefully.

  • Eric Larson

    Indeed. Success to the new Young Turks, insha’allah.