Being, or Becoming, Children of God


The Areopagus, or “Mars Hill,” as seen from the Acropolis of Athens
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An Evangelical or fundamentalist Protestant, responding on a Facebook thread to something that I had written elsewhere, just repeated the common claim that, biblically speaking, we become children of God only when we accept Jesus, and not before.


This isn’t true.


Here’s a column that I wrote addressing that topic:


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  • RaymondSwenson

    Many traditional Christians are aware of how the doctrines of their particular denomination condemn the vast majority of mankind to hell for eternity, merely because they lived before Christian missionaries reached their nation, or zealous rulers prevented such missionaries, as was true in Japan until the 1860s, and is true in many Muslim nations still. I think those people feel a little better about this obvious injustice by emphasizing that everyone starts out as a child of hell, and only select Christians win the lottery and get to heaven. Why God would create the earth as a factory to stock hell, instead of just creating the people destined for heaven, is not explained.