For anybody in the vicinity of Independence, Missouri . . .


Announcing an interesting event for later this month


Dr. Ridenhour will be speaking under the title of “What I Have Discovered¬†about the Restoration Movement as a Baptist Minister.”



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  • Ray Agostini

    I’d certainly like to hear what Dr. Ridenhour has to say. So using Google Maps I tried to calculate just how far I’d have to travel, tough I knew it wasn’t quite “in the vicinity”. The result was: “We could not calculate directions between Wollongong NSW and Independence, MO, USA.” My car isn’t amphibious anyway, but I was curious.

    A recording or transcript, or both (and an alert), would be nice, though.

    • DanielPeterson

      It’s not impossible that I’ll eventually have either a recording or a transcript. We shall see.

      In the meantime, I think you just need to get a really fast start along a road headed ocean-ward. You’ve seen rocks skip on ponds, I’m sure. The principle should be pretty much the same.

  • Robert Hall