Forty-Six for Forty-Six



A forest resurrection, with new growth after destruction


In the spirit of my immediately preceding blog entry:


Kevin Christensen’s review of Temple Mysticism: An Introduction, by Margaret Barker, which was published just this morning, is the forty-sixth publication by Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture in forty-six weeks:



Hebrew inscriptions? How early?
"Is this the worst academic journal ever?"
Catholics and Mormons in Utah: An interesting though sometimes inaccurate article about their cooperative, competitive relationship
New Testament 197
  • William Hamblin

    Which, I believe, is 42 more than a not-to-be-mentioned Institute has published in the same period.

    • DanielPeterson

      I won’t mention it if you won’t.

      • William Hamblin

        I will if you will!

        • Roger Nicholson

          Give them a chance – it takes time to ramp up to one publication per year from two. (Of course, those two were late…)