John Henry Newman, Eminent Victorian


John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890)


This weekend’s Hamblin-Peterson column in the Deseret News:


I notice that the Deseret News changed my statement that Newman was eventually “created” a cardinal to the more predictable explanation that he was eventually “made” a cardinal.  The former, though, is right and proper in the case of the Roman Catholic cardinalate.  It’s the term that is used in formal, official discourse, though it seems to be becoming a disused archaism elsewhere.  (It was also used, in earlier English, for non-religious offices, as in “The King created him Duke of Bedfordshire in 1768.”)


Have I mentioned, by the way, that there’s still (barely) time to join the English-history and LDS-English-history tour that I’ll be co-directing in July?


I can hardly wait for it.