Keeping Up with the Tabernacle Choir


The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on stage at Chicago’s Ravinia


I had no idea until just a few minutes ago that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has a blog.  But they certainly do.


It’s a fun way to stay posted on what the Choir is up to — especially, in our case, because my wife and I have good friends both in the Choir and in the Orchestra at Temple Square, which accompanies it.  Right now, they’re on a concert tour of the American Upper Midwest.


Of particular note, with regard to the blog:  Daron Bradford is a former music teacher of one of our sons and the brother of a good friend who was our branch president in Cairo and who now teaches Arabic part-time in my BYU department, and Eric Huntsman, who alerted me to the existence of the blog just now, is a colleague at BYU and a very fine scholar.


In my judgment, the Choir today is, on the whole, the best it’s ever been.



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  • RaymondSwenson

    The mother of my best friend growing up was in the choir, and was our ward choir director. I played in school orchestras and we occasionally accompanied large choirs, in one case getting to perform in the Tabernacle. My daughter’s high school music teacher was a choir member and arranged to have their handbell group perform at one of the Christmas concerts. So the MoTab has been part of my lufe for a long time.

    I loved it when Craig Jessop, former conductor of the Air Force Band, became choir director and made the orchestra an integral part of many performances. It expanded the choir’s repertoire tremendously. The original arrangements by the current director are are marvelous. The choir is one of the world class musical organizations on earth, and a wonderful testimony to the Mormons’ embrace of the 13th Article of Faith.