Professor Hamblin and the “FARMS Review,” Again



The editor of the “FARMS Review” is bidden, with his associate editors, to depart from the Maxwell Institute
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Here’s another non-Mormon writer who, having read Professor William Hamblin’s critique of the late Christopher Hitchens in the late FARMS Review, somehow fails to realize that it contains absolutely nothing of value, no real scholarship, but relies — as we’re often told by certain critics about most everything ever published in the Review — entirely on vacuous insults, flagrant lies, and vicious ad hominem attacks:


This author is responding to an article to which I’ve already provided a link — an article that similarly fails to notice the nastiness-masking-academic-incompetence that, I’ve been assured, constituted the FARMS Review”s entire methodology and distinctive approach.


In the interest of full disclosure, I think I should acknowledge that I, too, once published an entirely substance-free critique of Christopher Hitchens’s god is Not Great in the FARMS Review that, while providing a virtuoso display of personal abuse, otherwise contained, as expected, not a single solid point or piece of evidence:




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  • JamesJ

    One can only hope that the Maxwell Institute will continue to keep the back issues of the FARMS Review online–not relegating them to the (digital) shredder as I understand they did with the remaining dead-tree copies:

    Obviously, there’s still value to be had in the material for the world at large.

    That mean-spirited, invective-laden, lowbrow LDS pulp: It’s not just for Mormons anymore!