The fifth volume of “Interpreter” is now complete


The late Thomas B. Costain


With the publication, today, of my relatively brief introduction to Volume Five of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, we have now, in somewhat less than eleven months, produced . . . well, five volumes:


Volume Five will be available in print-on-demand form within a week or two.


Earlier, the usual naysayers were predicting that Interpreter wouldn’t last very long.  Now, in retreat, they’re pointing out — quite rightly, as illustrated rather painfully by my introduction — that quantity isn’t the same thing as quality.


But, of course, quantity doesn’t necessarily entail poor quality, either.




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  • Scott_Lloyd

    I just tried to get the latest volume from the iBooks bookstore, but it wasn’t there. I’m assuming there’s perhaps a bit of a lag time in getting it up in various ebook formats.

  • DanielPeterson

    That’s right. It will take between one and two weeks to have Volume Five ready in all formats. Thanks for your patience!

  • Ryan

    Knowing it is sometimes a theme in life to do as little work as one can get away with, I really appreciate the wonderful work that you and your associates at Interpreter are doing. Thank you.

    • DanielPeterson

      Thanks for your kind note.